Touch is an ongoing conversation between us and the world we live in. 
Between the objects we interact with, the people we meet, and our environment around us, it immerses us in our day to day experience, and makes everything real. But touch isn’t always given the credit it’s due. Too often it’s pushed to the background, making room for vision, and hearing. But touch is not simply a passive sense, it’s our most intimate tool for curiosity. 

With this investigation, (The topography of touch) I sought to understand and bring attention to touch, portraying it as a tool for discovery, and as an immersive sense we use to engage with our environment. In achieving this I created a range of objects "touch maps" crafted to engage touch an reflective thought. These are presented alongside a publication an a multisensory experience that proves concepts in touch, and offers a tactile reference point.

These pieces were displayed as part of Media Design School's Year 3 exhibition at the Aotea Centre, in November 2019.​​​​​​​ The project was intended as a public facing installation, and some interactions with this display are shown in photos below.
Brand & Identity
Editorial & Book design
Installation & Spatial graphics

Personal contribution
Graphic design, photography, direction, composition, copywriting, layout, research, bookbinding woodworking & sculpting, exhibition design.

Additional Contributors
Case Dakota - Photography, composition.

AGDA Awards 2020
Student Print - Merit
Student Design Craft - Finalist