Every graduate faces the challenge of standing out in a sea of many others.
A portfolio ideally puts your best work forward, and a letter of intent can help you make your case, but unfortunately sometimes our best efforts are easily put aside and forgotten about. Looking to ease my entry, last year I volunteered at DINZ; assisting at their events and the 2019 Best Awards. During that process the panel of graphic judges were pulled aside to give advice to the volunteers, and their message was universal: Be persistent and stand out.

One judge mentioned a memorable application; a mustard jar filled with jelly-beans, the label reading - “keen as mustard and full of beans.” and I thought, what would I say about myself, and how? 

I have a clear love for wordplay and storytelling, (As a graphic designer, if I didn't something would be amiss) whether through copywriting or a good conversation. I love the physical aspect of design; materials, finishes, print. The things that dance in the light and we can't help but touch, those are what drew me to graphic design in the first place.
Above all, I love ideas; putting the concept first and searching for ways to turn a piece into an experience.

My brief was to combine these aspects of myself, and produce an introduction package that shows my strengths, and through clever writing and graphic design craft, demonstrate how far I’ll go to execute a concept to it's fullest.
Packaging design
Brand & Identity
Creative advertising

Personal Contribution
Graphic design, packaging design, sculpture, die-lines, assembly, photography & composition, copywriting, research.

Additional Contributors
Case Dakota - Photography, Composition.