I'm Russell Hooton-Fox, a New Zealand based graphic designer. My trade is communication; In pictures, and through words spoken, or typographic.

So far I've been lucky enough to see that communication at work, having people interact and connect; whether it's a simple smile, a laugh at a pun, or finding empathy with the topic explored. 

My goal is to keep making those connections no matter the brief, and to create ideas-led design that is well researched, and honest. In the end it's about sincerity; doing justice to great ideas, and going the extra mile to innovate.

Best awards 2020 - Woven
Student Graphic - Silver
Student Toitanga - Finalist

ECC NZ Student craft awards 2020 - Woven
Visual Communication - Category Winner
AGDA Awards 2020 - Woven
Student Print - Merit
Student Design Craft - Finalist​​​​​​​

AGDA Awards 2020 - The Topography of Touch
Student Print - Merit
Student Design Craft - Finalist